NY Times online subscription to be less than $20 per month

Bloomberg reports that the New York Times’ subscription for full web access will cost less than $20 a month. According to Mashable, the service cited a source “familiar with the matter” that print subscribers will get full web access for free and that users will be allowed to access a limited number of articles each month without subscribing.

Like many other publications, The New York Times has struggled with efforts to sell web content. Its effort to charge for select coverage such as articles columnists fell flat. (It didn’t help that the same articles were available in multiple locations through newspapers to which they were syndicated.)

The Times sells subscriptions for Kindle readers for $19.99 per month. The Wall Street Journal, which gives away very little content, sells its online subscriptions for $1.99 per week.

If The Times can make the new plan stick, regional dailies are likely to follow suit. At least, nobody seems to have a better idea.

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